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At APiDEA, our promise to you is that we are commitmented about delivering what you expect from us and more. By delivering on our promise we create value and a strong working relationship. This captures the very essence of how you – our customer – will benefit from interacting with us.  Everything we do for you, we call it:“INTELLIGENT INTEGRATION”


We never lose focus on a challenge and we take risks to push our limits.


We have big goals that set our soul on fire and we strive to be the very best we can every single day.


We take pride in our work and everything we do because we believe it matters.


We are about attention to detail, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us?

APiDEA are committed to you and quite simply, we care.  We love business and we love to make change that enhances what you do.  We want you to become part of our business family and create a long term relationship with you.Every client is unique and has different ideas and dreams.  We want to get personal and know what yours are.  Are you the entrepreneur, the business owner or the business operator?   Do you have goals that set your soul on fire?  Because we do.   Our goal is to provide you with our very best and deliver real results.We value communication and transparency.  We value our staff.  We value you.

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Belinda Muggeridge

Director at APiDEA

Principle Accountant at Clone Me

Belinda Muggeridge

Director at APiDEA

Principle Accountant at Clone Me

Clone Me started from a passion to make change.   The most important asset of your business is cash flow.  And with this, Belinda and her team will design solutions to bring you financial success.  They simply love all things Accounting & Finance.  They will get to know your business inside and out.  Whether you need an external resource to keep you organised or some on site training to help you and your staff paddle your own canoe.  We will work with you to get the job done.

When Belinda is not in the office, she loves to take time out with family and is thinking of the next business idea.


Greg Hains

Director at APiDEA

Director at Divide by Zero

Greg Hains

Director at APiDEADirector at Divide by ZeroGreg has been working with computers since 1980 when at school, and has been hooked ever since – taking an interest in anything technological.  He started I.T. professionally in 1986, and has a particular interest in coding and solving problems therein.  People skills and patience are his strong points – not common enough in I.T. people.Whilst not behind a keyboard or working on site, one of his passions is cooking and entertaining.


Danielle Russell

Chartered Accountant

Danielle Russell

Chartered Accountant Danielle is a Chartered Accountant who has always loved being immersed in numbers. With a background in auditing, she made the switch to private practice and is enjoying the chance to be more involved in helping clients grow their business.When she is not working, Danielle loves spending time with her husband and two children, reading, and decorating cakes.


Maddison Cousens

Administrative Assistant Bookkeeper

Maddison Cousens

Administrative Assistant BookkeeperMaddison has a love of numbers and being organised.   She will immerse herself in your paperwork and won’t stop until she knows everything is in its right place.   She will always welcome you with her friendly smile and positive attitude.Maddison loves cats and particularly enjoys working beside Oscar and Chanel every day in our office.

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